#TRASHION | Beach Clean-Up

When MCMPR learned of Stella McCartney’s #trashion campaign, leading a clean-up of London’s Thames River for World Ocean Day, we felt passionate about bringing its message and positive impact to our Australian beaches and local community.

We partnered with Elle Magazine, who co-hosted the morning at Watson’s Bay beach as part of the publication’s August #TimeToAct issue, dedicated to ways we can all make a difference by reducing our environmental impact.

Not-for-profit organisation, Take 3 for the Sea led the clean-up; which saw over 40 of our esteemed industry colleagues join us in removing 2,100 cigarette butts; 1,118 pieces of hard plastic, 38 sushi fish bottle lids; 54 straws, 350 pieces of Styrofoam, 3 pens, 90 pieces of soft plastic, 1 razor blade and 20 bottle tops from our precious waterways, all collected in Stella McCartney’s 100% recycled and recyclable Trashion bags.

All recyclable waste collected on the day was repurposed into products created by Vert Design, bringing us closer to a circular economy.